Introducing our gorgeous couple from this weekend’s Sunshine Coast wedding, Alexia and Geoff.

How we met

Geoff : I had been learning Latin dance for a while. One day when I arrived at the dance studio for practice, I noticed Alexia sitting on the stone podium next to the dance floor. My dance instructor, Will, introduced her as his new dance partner. At that time, I assumed Alexia was not just Will’s dance partner, but also his girlfriend, so I said to myself “I will NOT chat up this girl”.

After a couple of weeks I realised that Alexia and Will were not dating, so during the week I emailed Alexia to catch up for coffee one afternoon at work. After all, we only worked a couple of buildings away from each other in Canberra. That coffee turned into a few more coffee catch ups and lunches, then a couple of movies and then one night after a movie as we were leaving the cinema, I took the opportune moment to kiss her in an elevator. The rest is history ?

The proposal

Alexia: Geoff took me completely by surprise when he proposed. We had just been away visiting my family in Brisbane, and after we returned I got really sick for about a week. To cheer me up, Geoff suggested that we go on a picnic one afternoon. I was feeling very sorry for myself and I really didn’t want to go. Geoff said he would prepare everything and I didn’t have to worry about anything except laying around in the sun for a couple of hours. I still protested the entire way ?

When we arrived at the lake, he took me to the spot where we had one of our first ‘non dates’ lunches. He kept true to his word and arranged a delicious picnic for the two of us (I was still a little cranky so I asked him why he had so much fancy food and were we expecting 20 people to join us?).

Afterwards as we were relaxing, he suddenly turned to me and started talking about him and I and life and love and I was just looking at him wondering what was going on. Next thing I know, he was on one knee with a ring in his hand.

I was in such shock that I stared dumbfounded at him for what must have been a really long time because he had to prompt me by saying ‘you haven’t said anything’. Needless to say the answer was yes.

And yes, I felt like the worst girlfriend ever for being cranky because my boyfriend wanted to take me on a picnic. It turns out, Geoff had had the ring for a couple of months but wanted to wait until he had spoken to my parents before he proposed.

A destination wedding on the Sunshine Coast

Geoff: We chose the Sunshine Coast because we both had always wanted a beach wedding and Alexia grew up in Brisbane and had spent a lot of time on the coast. We thought Mooloolaba would be a beautiful and relaxing spot to have a wedding.  The Sunshine Coast is close to Alexia’s family and friends and a place where Canberrans and overseas friends and family could holiday to.

The beach and good food were our only two ‘musts’ for the day. Of course our most important priority for the day was to have a happy celebration surrounded by our family and closest friends, but food needed to be abundant and delicious so our guests were well fed and we really just wanted a simple ceremony on the beach.

The inspiration for theme of white and greenery came from our personal memories of beautiful garden and beach weddings. We have both seen the happiest of couples getting married against natural backdrops and it represents what we want for our day – beautiful, elegant and relaxed.

A special note to all those involved in bringing this sensational day together.

The photos in this blog are care of our Event Planner and Mask Event’s Creative Organiser Extordinare – Amanda. Thank you for being there to capture all of this!!!

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