With the Sunshine Coast’s Wedding of the Year fast approaching, we’ve been busy little bees at Mask Events. It’s been an exciting time for us, finalising all the last details and ensuring all vendors and suppliers are ready to deliver across the amazing 3-day wedding event.
So, if we’re this pumped, imagine how our beautiful bride, Danni Morrison is feeling?
We caught up with the bride to see what she’s been up to with her wedding preparations, and how she’s faring so close to the big day…

Danni, the big question first – you’ve moved into the final round of dress fittings – how did you feel when you wore the nearly completed dress for the first time?

This was super exciting! Judy Copley, my Mum and I have been working on every inch of detail behind the creation of my dress. I can’t count on my fingers and toes the number of visits I’ve made to her studio to create my dream dress. I can visualise the next step at every visit, so it’s been a very satisfying and enjoyable process for both Judy and I. When Mask Events accompanied me to one of my most recent dress fittings, I think Mum, Bek and I had a little too much fun with dresses that day. Awkward…

What’s the plan for the boy’s suits?

Oh, the guys will look fabulous! We have 5 very different males in our wedding party, so we’ve gone with very dapper, custom made suits. My event planner, Bek, found these suppliers for me! As per my usual maximalist approach, there’ll be checks, stripes and herringbone patterns all to be seen in signature Hamptons inspired colours.

Anything else in the pipeline for wedding attire?

Well, the bridal party is going to look fabulous, so of course the fur-babies need to complement. Bek, Melanie and I have been working together to create two gorgeous outfits for Pipi and Bozley. Here’s the mood board. Cute!!

That is going to be adorable! So beyond the fun of dressing fur-babies, what has been the most challenging aspect of the “final countdown” to the big day?

Juggling 10 balls at once! It’s about getting the mix right – work, life, future husband, kids, dogs, friends, training and healthy eating. It’s been a huge juggle, in particular for my business.

How have you kept yourself excited and calm – what do you do to lower stress levels as the day draws nearer? (if you have!)

I am actually not stressed about the wedding at all, yet… I have surrounded myself with a great team of suppliers who I trust implicitly to ensure the day runs smoothly and beautifully. It’s been so important to me, as it means I can get on with the rest of my life and run my business.

How did everything go with your hair and makeup trials? Did you go in with a vision or did you give some creative expression to the artists?

My very good friend, Instagram, was the only tool necessary for me to filter through and nail the look I’m after. I visualise everything I do, and it’s no different for my personal appearance. All that was required was to book the best Hair and Makeup artists to create my vision. That’s where Evalyn Parsons and Pure Nava work their magic. That said, both artists talked through my visions and explained certain facets of their work that I would have never understood previously.

Where have you leaned on the Mask Events team the most in the final stages of preparation?

Ticking the box of timelines, first and foremost, followed closely by logistics. Life is busy, and I don’t have time to think about every little detail that needs to be done at each stage leading up to the wedding. Being an events planner and coordinator, Bek has kept me on track the entire journey. She tells me what I need to be doing, and when. Mask Events will be setting up our rehearsal dinner, the wedding and packing down; there’s so much planning and tiny details to consider regarding the logistics. I’m so glad I’m not doing it. #sorrynotsorry

And of course, you want to spill all about the Hens’ Party

What happens at the hens party, stays at the hens party. Just kidding! I really wanted a private, relaxing and beautiful weekend away with just my bridesmaids and Mums. That’s exactly what we did, and it was the best weekend of my life! There was not a tiara, sash, flashing pink object or anything that resembled male genitals to be seen. Some may call this boring, I call it perfect. Lol!

It’s so great to hear that Danni is feeling calm and still having fun with preparations so close to her Wedding Day. We’ll check back in one week before the wedding and let you know how she’s going with the final countdown!

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