Well, the spectacular Sunshine Coast wedding we’ve all been waiting for has finally happened. The result was a wedding planner’s dream come true!
Our beautiful bride, Danni Morrison, is now happily wed to the amazing Matt Murray. It was one of the most joyful, love-soaked weddings we’ve had the pleasure of organising. Next month, you’ll hear from the bride herself about her experience of the wedding weekend, but today we’re going to let you in on exactly what the event looks like from a wedding planner’s point of view.


The day before celebrations commenced; we made sure that all the last-minute items were taken care of and everything was ready for the weekend to come. The Mask team went to Danni’s house (we were invited, don’t worry) and picked up all the sentimental items that Danni wanted to use at her wedding.


The energy was buzzing as we headed out to set up the rehearsal dinner at Spicers Clovelly Estate in Montville. The weekend was going to consist of us styling multiple events, so it was important to be organised and have a smooth transition planned between venues.
The rehearsal dinner styling was stunning. It kept with Danni’s signature Hamptons theme: crisp, clean, white and full of light. The glow of candles everywhere introduced a magical ambiance, a taste of things still to come.


The big day! Danni set the tone for us all as she embraced the day with perfect calm. Her chilled-out approach settled everyone’s nerves and meant the whole bridal party could enjoy every moment of the celebrations. In fact, one of the reasons Danni was an amazing bride to deal with was because she was like this the whole way through the last 12 months of planning. Everything has run like clockwork since we were so attuned and on the same page. This is a testament to the strong relationship we believe wedding planners should have with their brides.

Just to demonstrate how collected Danni was, she had been adamant that it was not going to rain on the day. Unfortunately, the weather didn’t agree and we had to plan for a wet weather option. This could have created tension for Danni, but true to her nature she just accepted it and let her expectations go. Our bride was not going to let a single thing ruin such an important day.

We focused on indoor setup and activities first, leaving the ceremony set up to the last minute. So, the wedding team spent the morning installing the floral ceiling piece, rattan lighting, ironing tablecloths, placing centerpieces and setting personalised menus.

Mask coordinated the arrival of the suppliers, ensuring that the photographers, videographers, band and celebrant were all there on time. We made sure they had everything needed to deliver an amazing service. Our team made sure all suppliers were fully familiar with the day’s proceedings and contingency plans.

A five-minute break in the weather allowed us to head out and set up the ceremony. It was charming, mists swirling around the incredible greenery of Spicers Clovelly Estate, and the bride and groom looking like a fairy-tale.

Sadly the rain didn’t hold off, so we had to finish the vows inside. Bride, groom, and guests all took this in their stride – nobody stopped grinning the entire time. In the end, the rain did us a favour as it meant the photographer got the best of both worlds, picturesque outside shots and intimate indoor photos.

The celebrations after the “I do’s” were so well-earned. It was wonderful to see Danni enjoying every moment with her loved ones, just as she’d intended 12 months ago.

It’s our job as wedding planners to keep our eye on the “why”. A bride needs to have all the stress taken off her shoulders so she can sit back, relax and take in every moment of her day.

Danni just wanted to create memories with her family and friends, she didn’t want to have to worry about a single thing. She wanted to move seamlessly from one moment to the next – hair done, champagne time, first look, lunchtime, waiting for the rain to pass and ready to start in 30mins when this front passes. This is the wedding planner’s key role. Take care of the detail and direction, so the bride can relax on her special day.

We do all the running around in the background. Like a duck – always calm on the surface, never letting the bride know that anything is less than perfect, whilst constantly paddling away to make sure that all the moving parts are well taken care of.

And it’s all worth it when you see the result, the pure happiness on the newlyweds’ and loved ones’ faces.

We are so happy for Danni and Matt! It was an absolute pleasure to collaborate with a bride who had such faith that Mask Events had everything taken care of. That level of trust allowed us to do our best work and deliver a wedding we’re all extremely proud of.

To the Bride and Groom.

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