“We’re not using a wedding planner. We’re saving that money for the photographer/flowers/marquee/Aunt Shirl’s accommodation/open bar. Besides, the planning is the FUN BIT!” Words uttered by many a regretful bride (not about you, Hubby, she’s happy with that decision).

At Mask, we completely agree that the planning is the fun bit.  That’s our whole bag, it’s what we live for, it’s our Very Favourite Thing.  But we’ve seen too many brides unable to really enjoy (or even remember) their special day due to the stress of the planning.  Not only are they exhausted by the time they get to the aisle, they spend the day fretting about details like whether the vegan guests have received the correct meal, or if good old Aunt Shirl is being kept far away from Uncle Kevin (and the sherry).

Through lots of chats with lots of beautiful brides, we’ve realised that many people don’t really know exactly what wedding planners do.  Of course, if you’re not sure how it all works, you’ll be unlikely to make it a must-have on the wedding prep list.

So, we’re going to show you.

We’re thrilled to be collaborating with the incredible Danni Morrison (of Design by Danni) to create the perfect event for her wedding.  Over the next 12 months, this beautiful bride is very generously sharing her experiences with you as we navigate the journey to Wedding Day together.

We aim to be your own personal miracle in the lead-up to, and on the day of, what should be a joyful highlight of your life.  We’re so excited to showcase Danni and Matt’s Sunshine Coast wedding, to give you a real-life insight into how a Wedding Planner can make your special day blissful and extraordinary.

Please enjoy this interview with Rebekah-Leigh Fusca (owner of Mask Events) and Danni Morrison, about Danni’s decision to work with Mask to plan her amazing Sunshine Coast wedding.

Danni, did you always know that you’d use a Wedding Planner for your big day?

Danni: Being an Interior Stylist and no stranger to planning an event, I originally thought a wedding planner was an extra service I didn’t require.  I could literally do an amazing job myself, right? In hindsight, I didn’t actually know what a wedding planner did! A couple of years ago, my friend Stacey talked to me about the role of a planner – she discussed the entire lead up and the wedding day itself and I immediately knew I’d be using one for mine.

What was it that ultimately made you decide to go with a Wedding Planner?

Danni:  I like to think I’m a sprinkle of anxious with a dash of OCD perfect blended together to create a lovely receipt for wedding planning disaster. I really want to enjoy my time with friends and family on the day and not have to worry and stress about whether everything’s going to plan.  I needed someone to take care of all the extra details on the day for me, so I’d be free to have a great time.  Plus, I’m busy with my business and unfortunately for me, I just don’t have the time to dedicate to making this event as perfect as I want it to be.


Rebekah:  I think that’s the most important (and rewarding) part of what we do.  We want you to be 100% present on the day, just gently guided, floating on a cloud from one spot to the next, drinking in your partner and all the love you’re surrounded with.  It’s such an exciting and important day in your life, you need to remember the details – the first glimpse of each other, the shared moment during the vows, your first dance.  We take care of every logistical detail so that you’re completely free to fully experience and enjoy the day.

Danni, now that you’ve decided on using a Planner, what’s your expectation of them on the big day?

Danni:  Ohhh, I’m definitely going to be a bit of a Bridezilla (a nice one though!).  But I do have really high expectations.  I’ve chosen a Wedding Planner so I simply don’t need to worry that I’m missing the finer details leading up to the wedding, nor stress on the day. I expect Rebekah to be my right-hand man-lady – she’ll be my eyes for the next 12 months (and on the day), seeing everything as I would see it and taking care of it as I would.  She’ll know every aspect of the wedding, every supplier, so that I won’t be bothered by anyone or anything.  Nobody will need to inform me of little issue with seating arrangements, cold canapes or the fact that Aunty June is hammered and cracking onto my married male friends. Rebekah will know about it and sort it out, leaving me to enjoy the champagne!

Rebekah:  Navigating tricky family dynamics happens to be my specialty 😊.  Managing suppliers is one of the most popular reasons our brides use us.  As the biggest event management company on the Sunshine Coast, we’re blessed with a huge range of fabulous suppliers.  We can select the suppliers that best fit the couple and your vision and budget for your wedding.  We don’t just work with “regular” suppliers and roll them out at every event.  We’ve seen them all in action and know who the best are, so we’ll select the best fit for your day.

One of the main reasons people say they’re not using a Wedding Planner is budget restrictions.  How do you factor budget considerations into this decision?

Danni:  For me it will be worth it.  I’m busy. The money I spend on having Mask coordinate this wedding will save me time and give me peace and comfort in the long run. Another point to consider is that Mask Events has industry connections, so the price you pay for suppliers will be more competitive than if you booked yourself. The holistic approach Rebekah has to the next 12 months of my life is so exciting for me.  I’m most certainly going to be leaning on her over the next 12 months.


Rebekah:  Absolutely.  Myself and my whole team are here for you to lean on!  That’s the bonus of Mask Events, we are a large team with a wide range of skills.  This should be a fun journey for you, so we only handle what you want us to (if you really want to be fully responsible for cake selection then go for it!).  We take the stress away by looking after the boring, detailed stuff like supplier contracts, research, the height of each layer of your tiered wedding cake…

We also save you a lot of money by knowing what to pay for each supplier and each item (absolutely no way we’re letting you get ripped off – so many weddings go over budget unnecessarily).  There won’t be any surprises with your wedding hair quote because you didn’t know to tell them if you’re having an up-style or not.

We let you know all the little things you may not have thought of and budgeted for to make sure you stay on task and on budget every step of the way.



Danni, what’s been the best thing so far about working with Mask?  What made you decide to go with Mask Events as your wedding coordinator?

Danni:  I frequented many wedding expos and met various wedding planners when I was researching, but ultimately was really impressed with the work I’d seen Rebekah do at numerous corporate events.  She’s really good at corporate event management and has great contacts, so I knew she’d deliver.  I want the best of the best for our wedding, but I worry that I’m not putting my all into it.  Rebekah’s time management, attention to detail and organisation is incredible – she sets actionable items every time we meet and holds me accountable to my action items and the timelines.  And she always delivers on hers.  I’m confident that Rebekah and Mask will ensure my wedding is fairy-tale status with class and poise, lol!

Rebekah:  Awwww, thanks Danni!!  We’re loving working with you and are so excited to create some magic!

To stay up to date on Danni’s wedding prep, tune in here and on Facebook.

Next in the series – a sneak peak at Danni and Matt’s gorgeous wedding styling and how the plans are coming together for their massive 3 Day Wedding Event at the Sunshine Coast’s iconic Spicers Clovelly.  Don’t miss it!

Please note – the images in this blog are inspiration that Danni has shared with Rebekah 

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