Loneliness tops a range of lists identifying dangerous health issues in countries around the world.  Many of the technologies we use today were created with the intention to bring the world closer together, instead it can make many of us feel even more isolated.

Here’s where Mask Events loves to come in and play.  We value the power of human connection to help alleviate loneliness by assisting our clients to create experiences for their guests to connect away from their phones.

In an interview with Forbes, Julia Hartz, co-founder and CEO of Eventbrite stated, ‘Events aren’t just for attending. They exist to fulfill a desire to leave different from when we walked in: to be smarter, wiser, happier, more engaged, more excited, more thoughtful, more in touch with yourself, with your community, with the world. They offer the possibility to have transformational moments and be part of something bigger than ourselves.’


When it comes to producing events, Mask Events live by the mantra of ‘relationships first’. We love to create spaces and experiences for communities, of all styles, to come together to share. Events are so often filled with superficial talk about how work is going, or what new weather event has occurred, we would like to facilitate a world of connection.  A world where conversations spark our brains to think in new ways, to learn the perspective of another and to create a curiosity of the world and the people in it.

The deeper connection we are craving is ultimately gained through relationships. There is such power and importance in building relationships through shared experiences. Experiences that occur in real life, not gained through the virtual world.

From the time honoured tradition of breaking bread to the growing popularity of eye gazing events, the gathering of humans is starting to make a great comeback in our digital focused world. World-renowned speaker Sean Stephenson commented that ‘connection is not an exchange of information. Connection is an exchange of humanity. It’s an exchange of emotion.’


The three top ways that we like to ensure an exchange of humanity is achieved in our events is-

  • Ensuring that event are created for like mind guests
  • Focusing on what the guests will achieve from coming to the event
  • Creating an event with the flow to create meaningful moments, with enough space in between them.


Be it a birthday party to gather your nearest and dearest or a corporate awards night to celebrate the wonderful efforts of your staff, Mask Events can help make the world seem that little bit more connected.

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