School formals are our speciality and we love making it a night to remember for the staff and students.

We love making it a night to remember for the staff and students. For Mask Events, the graduation dinner a celebration of all the student’s hard work, a chance to let their hair down. It is also a thank you to all of the staff for their dedication and support.

Let’s get started!

We know that the formal is not necessarily top of the mind at the start of every school year, but that is where we come in.  We can assist you to get organised quickly, lock in your theme and get a lot of the big ticket items sorted, so that your mind can be at ease for the rest of the year to focus on studies.

Working with Mask Events, we can assist you to-

  • Locate a suitable venue and/or caterer
  • Chose a theme to create a beautiful setting for the evening, and even
  • Provide an online registration system to take care of all the ticketing for the event.

Choosing a theme

Now this can sometimes be quite tricky, but we are here to guide you through it.

Here are the different ways this process can work.

1. The voting system

Sometimes the saying ‘too many cooks spoil the broth’ can be quite on point.  A few schools we have worked well with in the past like to contact us and have us provide them with a few themes that they can take back to their cohort to vote on.  Once the most popular theme is selected, they let us know and we can then lock those items away. The chosen theme is then not available to any other schools on that night.

2. The internal school workshop

Our stylists are a dedicated bunch, who are more than happy to go that extra mile to come and work with the students to select a theme.  Hey teachers, why not have us take the whole class so you can have a break for once ?  We will bring imagery, mood boards and inspiration and work through the process with all the students, even teaching them several aspects of event planning. By the end of the session it is our aim to have the theme for the evening locked down!

3.The consultation in our showroom


If you prefer the more hands on approach, then grab a small committee of students and head to our showroom.  There we can play with all of the styling items we have on offer to create a theme to suit everyone’s tastes.

What you need to know if you are planning your school formal

  • Mask Events can do absolutely everything for you
  • The earlier you select your theme, the more you have to choose from because other school’s haven’t had the chance to lock in a theme yet
  • We also do year 6 graduations and year 10 celebrations
  • We are awesome at what we do.  We have done it for hundred’s of years (okay maybe not quite that long).  Trust us to take some of the stress off your plate.  Then there is more room on your plate and you can eat more food.  Who doesn’t love more food?

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