The briefest of briefs: Lots of Champagne and give the guests the best party they’ve ever experienced.

Create a beautiful space

Our first meeting commenced with a site inspection on the client’s property to view the area we had to work with, and to discuss the list of requirements for the party.  Okay, not a lot to work with, but that is where the creative team at Mask Events come into our own. We LOVE being set a challenge.

First step was to set a beautiful scene.  We decided to loosely base the event on a vintage circus feel. Our top priority was to have the best quality food and alcohol, and entertainment for days.  Yes, days.  Breakfast would just be boring without some live entertainment!

We started with a tipi style marquee and filled it, and the surrounding conversational areas, with rich, sensory items. Deep reds, and greens with touches of gold, grey and woody tones.

This was achieved with the aroma of fresh flowers and fruit;  the soft, inviting texture of the vintage velvet furniture; and the handcrafted wood and leather furniture pieces. Plush vintage lounges made for very cool conversational areas.

Let’s get the party started

Now it was time for the guests to arrive.  Given that the host didn’t really know what was going to happen, we are pretty sure that the guests were completely in the dark with what to expect. And we personally loved that element.  Getting to see the faces of the guests as they were greeted by stilt walking, champagne pouring, ethereal looking hostess is what we live for as event planners.

It was pure awe as they received their glass of Veuve and looked around the transformed property, taking in all of the hard work we had prepared over the last two days.  Those that didn’t like beverages of the sparkling kind spent the night having great conversations with the very knowledgeable bartender in our vintage caravan bar.

Let the entertainment begin

Welcome drink in hard, it was time to sample the mouth watering canapes and get involved with the entertainment. Roaming through the guests was our magician, who had the children enthralled and the adults stumped.  Each illusion was interactive, and having been party to several of the tricks, I was left speechless as to how he could possibly pull them off.  They really did leave you scratching your head and talking with the group around you, trying to make sense of what just happened.  A fantastic way to start conversations with people you had only just met a few minutes earlier! These canapes were so delicious they barely lasted long enough for a photo to be snapped!

As the sun set it was time to everyone to take their places at the dining table we had laid out.  Our chef kindly stepped out of the kitchen to greet the guests, and explained how the evening’s degustation menu would work, and which wines were paired with each dish.

The number one theme for the menu was fresh and local.  I think I literally saw someone lick their plate. Dish after dish was plated to perfection and served to the guests, and each dish was received with rave reviews.

Special attention was paid to the littlest of the evening’s guests with their own table, menu and activity packs.

Kicking the party into high gear

Whilst the guests were having their taste buds delighted it was time for our next surprise of the evening.  A duo of Middle Eastern drumming and belly dancing.

Seeing the guests get up and dance along was a awesome way to kick the party into the next gear. So much better than a TV dinner!

With spirits high it was time to cap off the dining with a bang.

Battling the rain like the true professionals they are, our fire twirlers had the entire crowd captivated and enthralled.

This troupe had everyone on their feet, captivated.

With dinner and dessert, plus an absolutely mouth watering cake, fitted nicely into everyone’s tummies it was time to partake in all the other entertainment we had on offer…

The guest’s couldn’t believe there was still more to come!

Kicking the party (literally) into full swing was our swing band.  I believe the term used by the guests was ‘they blew our socks off’.

Our band was fun and vibrant and had everyone on the dance floor boogying the night away.

In between the band’s sets, both the children and the adults, sat to have their portraits drawn by our caricaturist.  This was a special keepsake of the evening to take home.  Along with their gift bag.

Yep, we wanted to give one last wow, with a gift bag filled with local produce (for the midnight munchies) and some items to assist in the morning with the dreaded hang over.

A lasting memory of a night to remember

We also provided a fire pit and sparklers for the young, and young at heart, who needed to put their feet up and recharge for the next session of dancing. Bean bags, a fire and blankets – makes for the perfect winter’s evening.

The night was gently wound down with cigars, scotch and great conversation among old friends – oh and some new ones. You can’t say no to a nice drop and an imported cigar when offered, now can you?

Plus there was a really delicious grazing cheese platter on offer too!

No one wanted to go home

At some point in the wee hours of the morning it was time for us all to crawl into bed.  Luckily we all had to go the great distance of ten meters away from the party.

Oh, did I forget to mention that we hired in luxury caravans for all the guests to sleep in?  It is a two day party, remember?  And look we made them all pretty too.

We always want to make sure that we take care of our guests. Even at bed time.

No rest for the wicked (2 hours sleep does not count!).  The next morning we were up and at ’em preparing the space for the scrumptious buffet breakfast.

It was such a feast.  And so welcomed by all the (slightly under the weather) guests.

So much food! Our caterer’s are the best of the best.

The cruisey tunes of our lovely musical duo was a very soothing way to greet the day.

Ukulele plus coffee = a great morning.

This was hands down one of our most favourite events to be involved with.  To have a client place their complete trust in our vision and abilities was the very highest of compliments.

And kicking our heels up all night with the guests was an extremely fun bonus!

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